Jacobs Pineda, Inc.
Jacobs Pineda, Inc. and SRS Labs, Inc. Announce3D Audio Processor Core Cell Technology for License
  • Implements SRS Labs TruSurround[TM] and SRS® 3D Algorithms
  • Custom digital cell requires very small silicon area
CES, Las Vegas, NV-January 8, 1998 - Jacobs Pineda, Inc. (JPI), specialists in audio VLSI design, and SRS Labs (NASDAQ/NNM: SRSL), the world's leader in advanced 3D audio enhancement technology, announce the availability of technology licenses for the JPI  J5  3D Audio Processor core cell, which implements 3D audio "virtualization" processing conforming to the TruSurround[TM] and SRS® 3D algorithms developed by SRS Labs, Inc. The JPI J5 core cell technology enables companies to incorporate 3D audio into their ASIC or VLSI integrated circuits with minimum silicon cost and design effort.  Demonstrations of SRS 3D Sound and TruSurround, as well
as information on the JPI  J5  core cell are available in the SRS Labs booth 11117 at the Consumer Electronics
Show in Las Vegas from January 8 through January 11, 1998.

The J5 is a core cell design for a digital processor which performs both SRS TruSurround[TM] and SRS® 3D virtualization in a single design. The J5 is capable of accepting 6-channel (L,C,R,Ls,Rs,LFE) inputs from a Dolby Digital®(AC-3) decoder and providing 3D TruSurround(TM) virtualized stereo outputs, which allow listeners to experience the full 6-channel sound effects via a standard stereo reproduction system. The J5 TruSurround[TM] processing also operates with 4-channel (L,C,R,S) ProLogic[TM] decoded program material. For standard 2-channel (L,R) sources, the J5 implements the SRS® 3D algorithm, which simulates 3D sound effects from the stereo signal. Gordon Jacobs, V.P. Engineering of JPI said: "The J5 exploits our customized design style well, providing a full featured TruSurround 3D processor with great performance and flexibility in the smallest silicon footprint available."

The J5 maintains 20-bit audio quality throughout, allowing it to be used for the most demanding audio applications. The J5's implementation of SRS Labs' TruSurround[TM] and SRS® 3D audio technologies have undergone testing at SRS Labs, and have been Pre-certified for all applications at each of the standard sample rates (32kHz, 44.1kHz, and 48kHz).

Alan Kraemer, Director of Engineering at SRS Labs, said: "We are very pleased by the J5 test results, which show an exceedingly high audio quality and conformance to the SRS specifications. Users of products incorporating the J5 should be able to experience the full benefits of 3D audio, due to its precise implementation of our TruSurround[TM] algorithm. "

The J5 design is the world's smallest, most cost effective design for digital 3D audio processing, and it needs a fraction of the area of DSP based designs employed by other vendors. The complete J5 core fabricated in a typical 0.35u CMOS standard cell process, requires a silicon area of less than 0.5 sq. mm. The J5 design incorporates all buffering and interface logic, so that it may be used in a wide variety of applications with no additional logic or buffering.

Steven Sedmak, President of SRS Labs said: "We teamed up with JPI because of their expertise in audio, and their ability to provide a unique silicon implementation for TruSurround[TM] processing. We feel that the J5 is an ideal solution for companies designing ASIC and VLSI chips incorporating 3D audio because of the ease with which J5 may be integrated with other digital audio logic and ported to different processes."

The J5 design kit is compatible with Synopsys and Verilog design methodology. J5 requires 0.6 micron or better technology, and is designed for synthesis with off-the-shelf gate array or standard cell ASIC libraries.

By combining the J5 with the Jacobs Pineda, Inc.  J1  Dolby Digital®/MPEG Audio Decoder and  JDA1  DAC/PLL core, a complete 3D audio decoding subsystem can be made for DVD or set-top box applications, accepting AC-3/MPEG compressed digital audio in, and producing stereo 3D virtualized analog and SPDIF outputs with a single clock source.

About Jacobs Pineda, Inc.

JPI is a design firm specializing in high volume, low cost, consumer audio IC designs. Its designs have been licensed and employed by semiconductor and system manufacturers of audio solutions for the consumer and computing markets. Founded in 1995, JPI is a California Corporation with offices in Oakland. CA.  For more information on the J5 or other JPI audio core cells, please contact Jacobs Pineda Inc. at (415) 641-9194, or visit their web site at   http://www.jacobspineda.com  .

About SRS Labs, Inc.

Under the leadership of chairman Thomas C.K. Yuen, co-founder of AST Research, SRS Labs, Inc. is the leading developer and licenser of audio enhancement technology to the global community of consumer electronics and computer OEMs. Audio technology from SRS Labs is included in over 18 million products worldwide from over 115 industry leading manufacturers, such as Sony, Kenwood, RCA, Nakamichi, Sharp, Packard Bell, NEC, IBM, Gateway 2000, Micron, Toshiba, Compaq, Dell, Apple, Kurzweil, Pioneer and Kawai.

SRS Labs' portfolio of audio technologies includes TruSurround[TM], a Dolby®-certified technology that allows for a virtualized surround sound experience from a two-speaker playback using any DVD or multi-channel audio source, including Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround or Dolby ProLogic[TM]; FOCUS[TM], designed for the automobile market, which electronically repositions a sound image from any non-optimally located speaker placement; and the AVT[TM] (Acoustic Vector Technology) Speaker System, a unique dual-driver, passive speaker design.

SRS Labs' current patent portfolio now includes over 50 issued U.S. and foreign patents relating to the SRS, Sound Retrieval System®, technology. SRS Labs' total patent portfolio includes over 75 issued U.S. and foreign patents. In addition, SRS Labs has numerous patent applications still pending in countries worldwide. To learn more about SRS Labs or to download SRS processed sound files, visit the SRS Labs website at   http://www.srslabs.com  .

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