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LSI LOGIC Inc. licenses JDA1 Audio DAC/PLL Technology from Jacobs Pineda, Inc., for its new SC2000 STB product
  • LSI Incorporates JDA1 Audio DAC into newly announced next-generation SC2000  Set-Top Box (STB) product
  • Allows for higher level of integration in Multimedia, DVD,  and set-top box Applications
  • Custom digital cell requires very small silicon area and reduces system costs
Oakland, CA-May 24, 1999 - Jacobs Pineda, Inc. (JPI), specialists in audio VLSI design, have licensed their JDA1 Audio D/A Converter (DAC)/PLL core cell to LSI Logic, Inc. [NYSE:LSI], a leading worldwide supplier of high performance semiconductors.  The JDA1 enables companies to incorporate high quality analog outputs into their digital multimedia integrated circuit designs with minimum silicon cost and design effort.

The JDA1 is a core cell design for an application specific digital processor that performs both D/A conversion and audio clock generation in a single design. While other DAC and PLL technologies employ expensive double-poly analog IC processes that lag behind the latest high-density VLSI processes, the JDA1 is designed for manufacturing using a purely digital process, making it compatible with scalable high-density VLSI circuits like digital audio/video decoders.  Its unique architecture yields consistent performance characteristics over all of the supported audio sample rates from a single 27MHz master clock, unlike many other DACs which incorporate an on-board PLL retrofit to an existing design. The JDA1 is capable of accepting 2-channel PCM inputs from any digital source, such as a Dolby Digital®(AC-3) decoder, and it provides analog stereo outputs to drive a standard stereo reproduction system. An optional S/PDIF output is also available.  Multiple JDA1s may be used in 6-channel applications.

The JDA1 design is the one of the world's smallest, most cost effective designs for audio D/A conversion processing and audio clock recovery. The complete JDA1 core fabricated in a typical 0.25u CMOS standard cell process requires a silicon area of less than 0.8 sq. mm. The JDA1 design kit is compatible with Synopsys and Verilog design methodology.  The JDA1 is designed for synthesis with off-the-shelf gate array or standard cell ASIC libraries.

In its first utilization of the JDA1, LSI Logic Corporation today introduced their SC2000 Source Decoder, a new class of integrated circuit that will power the next-generation of convergence-ready STB entertainment appliances. The fully integrated single-chip solution, a component of the Integra®Set-top Development Platform, will enable sophisticated multimedia capabilities on set-top products by supporting a full spectrum of video & audio broadcast standards. Demonstrating LSI Logic's system-on-chip methodology, the SC2000 integrates the functions of the DVB transport and MPEG-2 A/V decoding, a 2-D graphic engine, a multi-standard video encoder, the JDA1 Audio DAC,  and a TinyRISC® CPU into a single chip solution. LSI Logic is the first company to incorporate the JDA1 Audio DAC into a commercially available STB chipset.  Powered by a TinyRISC MIPS® CPU, the SC2000 sets the industry standard for performance, flexibility, and functionality.  The SC2000 extends today's set-top box specifications to meet the requirements of more sophisticated, higher-performing platforms of the future.

The combination of the  JDA1 Audio DAC with the Jacobs Pineda, Inc. J1  Dolby Digital®/MPEG Audio Decoder and the J5  3-D Processor core provides companies with a complete 3D audio decoding subsystem for DVD or STB applications, that accepts AC-3/MPEG compressed digital audio in and produces stereo 3D virtualized analog and SPDIF outputs, utilizing only a single 27MHz master clock source.

About Jacobs Pineda, Inc.

JPI is a design firm specializing in high volume, low cost, consumer audio IC designs. Its designs have been licensed and employed by semiconductor and system manufacturers of audio solutions for the consumer and computing markets. Founded in 1995, JPI is a California Corporation with offices in Oakland. CA.  For more information on the JDA1 or other JPI audio core cells, please contact Jacobs Pineda Inc. at (415) 641-9194, or visit their web site at   http://www.jacobspineda.com  .

About LSI Logic, Inc.

LSI Logic Corporation(NYSE:LSI), The System on a Chip Company® is a leading supplier of custom high-performance semiconductors, with operations worldwide. The company enables customers to build complete systems on a single chip with its CoreWare(r) design program, which increases performance, lowers system costs and accelerates time to market. LSI Logic develops application-optimized products in partnership with trend setting customers, and operates leading-edge manufacturing facilities to produce submicron geometry chips. The company maintains a high level of quality as demonstrated by its ISO 9000 certifications. LSI Logic Corporation is headquartered at 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Milpitas, California 95035, http://www.lsilogic.com.

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