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Mitsubishi Electric Corp.  licenses J5 3D Audio Processor Core Cell Technology from Jacobs Pineda, Inc.
  • Ideal for Multimedia and DVD Applications
  • Custom digital cell requires very small silicon area
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Consumer Electronics Giant Mitsubishi Electric Corp.  Licenses Chip Technology from Jacobs Pineda, Inc.
Implements SRS Labs' Virtual 3D Audio, TruSurround

Oakland, CA [May 18, 1999] - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (NASDAQ: MELCO) and Jacobs Pineda, Inc. (JPI) today announced a chip technology licensing agreement that will bring SRS Labs' (NASDAQ:SRSL) virtual 3D audio, TruSurround, to the home entertainment market. Mitsubishi, a leader in consumer electronics and audio technologies, has chosen the JPI J5 3D Audio Processor core cell technology for implementing SRS Labs' TruSurround virtual 3D for use in their next generation DVD players.  The JPI J5 enables Mitsubishi to provide users with high quality virtual surround sound from their stereo playback equipment, and will raise the audio standard for cable and satellite programming, while keeping equipment costs low.

JPI's J5 is an integrated circuit core cell design that performs both SRS TruSurround(t); and SRS 3D® Sound in a single design. It is the world's smallest, most cost effective design for digital 3D audio processing, and needs only a fraction of the area of DSP-based designs. The J5 is designed to share silicon real estate with other audio/video processing found in highly integrated multi-media VLSI chip designs. The J5 performance has been pre-certified to meet TruSurround and SRS 3D specifications by SRS Labs. Mitsubishi and JPI are licensees of SRS Labs.

About TruSurround from SRS Labs

The patented TruSurround technology creates a fully immersive sound image that seems to completely wrap around the listener?s head. By processing the six discrete channels of digital audio from a Dolby Digital (AC-3) source, including DVD, movies or multi-channel digital satellite broadcast, into just two channels while retaining all of the original audio information, TruSurround presents the listener with the perception that they are surrounded by additional "phantom" speakers. The TruSurround technology is currently available from SRS Labs' licensees, Sony and Pioneer in televisions, DVD players and surround sound receivers.

About Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a world leader in analog and digital audio and video systems. For more information, visit www.mitsubishi.com.

About Jacobs Pineda, Inc.

Jacobs Pineda, Inc. specializes in VLSI designs for high volume, cost sensitive, consumer audio applications requiring AC-3, MPEG, DVD, DAC, PLL and 3D functions. JPI's flagship product, the J1, is the world's smallest Dolby Digital®/(AC-3)/MPEG Audio Decoding Core Cell. JPI's mission is to give its licensees a definitive advantage over their competition by providing them with the industry's most cost-effective audio VLSI designs. JPI's designs are currently licensed and employed by Fortune 500 semiconductor and system manufacturers of audio products for the consumer and computing markets. Founded in 1995, JPI is a California Corporation with offices in Oakland, CA. For more information on the J5 or other JPI audio core cells, please call 415.641.9194 or visit www.jacobspineda.com.

About SRS Labs, Inc.

Based in Santa Ana, California, SRS Labs is a leading provider of audio and voice enhancement technology solutions. SRS Labs' business consists of licensing audio and voice technologies to manufacturers of consumer electronics, computer, gaming and telecommunications equipment; the design of custom ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) for consumer electronics, game, telecommunications nd personal computer manufacturers; the distribution of components, chips and assembly systems for the China and Hong Kong markets; and the manufacturing and marketing of home theater and game products for the Asian consumer marketplace. For more information on SRS Labs' technologies or the company's worldwide licensing program, visit the SRS Labs website at http://www.srslabs.com or call 949.442.1070.

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For more information on licensing TruSurround™ or SRS® 3D audio technology contact:
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SRS Labs, Inc.

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